Logotyp för fackförening för arebtare inom bygg i Stockholm, av SAC Syndikalisterna

Janis lost his right hand on 6/9 in a workplace accident at a construction site in Stockholm. A colleague cut off Janis’ hand with a circular saw. After fifteen hours of surgery, it looks like he will regain mobility in two fingers.

We are struggling to get the company, a Lithuanian temporary employment agency, to negotiate, but it is going slowly. We are also struggling to get the Swedish company responsible for health and safety to meet, but they too are trying to get away with saying “we have done everything right and there is nothing to talk to the union about”.

Janis has not received any support from any of the companies. He was evicted from the company’s accommodation because he can’t work. Janis hasn’t even been paid his wages for work in September before the accident and no sick pay (should have been paid on 15/10). He visits the SÖS every week and is on strong medication. We have arranged accommodation for Janis, but need help to support him financially. The membership meeting on 16/10 (pictured) decided that we quickly start a collection. Holding the companies accountable can take a long time.

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Solidariska byggare
Stockholms byggsyndikat av SAC

Swish number: 123 178 957 7

Syndikalistisk fackförening för Byggarbetare i Stockholm är samlade i en lokal. Text finns också i bild: Stötta vår medlem Janis!
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